Self-Publishing Consultation-$50.00/Hr

If we’re being honest here, you don’t really need us or anyone to publish your novel, play or screenplay. Over the past few decades, the process of publishing and marketing your own work has become easier to understand and even easier to do.

Thousands of people have published and sold their work online through giants like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other brick and mortar and virtual retail sites. The entire 50 Shades of Grey series began as a blog and the film The Martian sprang from one man’s frustration with the science fiction genre throwing out the science part.

Every day, artists, musicians, filmmakers, playwrights and authors are creating content on their computers from the comfort of their home or office.

What we are offering is the wealth of our experience with the self-publishing industry. You can benefit from our mistakes and our success. We can show you how to establish your own publishing company, copyright your intellectual property, how to blog effectively and how to establish your own brand.