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What makes Jason’s Music Publishing different is our approach to assisting you in getting your work out to the world. We don’t ask for a percentage of your copyright or publishing revenue. When you publish through Jason’s Music Publishing, you retain all of your rights. Other publishers require you to share revenue (up to 50% and more) and then back charge you for their services on top of that.

We give you our fee structure up front and you decide what you would like to spend. In addition, thorough our workshops and consultation, we can teach you to create your own publishing company, copyright and publish your work on your own and market your work to the world. If you are willing to put in the work, you can get your book, story, script, play, song or screenplay out to the world and keep every penny for yourself.

From JMP owner Jose Antonio Ponce

I created Jason’s Music Publishing in 1976, naming it after my son. The purpose was as an outlet to publish my music and pitch it to other artists.

Almost immediately, other songwriters were coming to me to ask if I could assist them with copyright and publishing. I began assisting other artists for free. As I gained some success as a songwriter, I began to think about other avenues that interested me, becoming an actor and later an author and film maker.

As I learned more and more about the industry, I began to offer my services to aspiring authors, songwriters, film makers and other artists, advising them on how they might better equip themselves for success. I began producing free workshops about everything from copyright and publishing to pitching you music, book or screenplay to record companies, agents and publishers and film producers, a practice I continue to this day.

To date, I have written six books, co-produced two documentary films, had significant roles in more than two dozen films and television productions, had my music placed in film and TV and recorded by national and international artists.

What I am most proud of, however, is having a hand in getting other artist’s music placed in film and helping to launch the careers of comedians, authors, music and film producers, actors and musicians. Through my sister company, the New Mexico Music Awards, we have created a scholarship for students studying the recorded arts and/or music.

Let’s talk about your project and goals and how we can help you reach them.