Screenwriting/Screen Adaptation


You can see it in your head, this film that you have been dreaming of making for some time, but you just don’t know how to get it onto the page in the form of a screenplay.

Screenplays are not difficult to create. With the right software, anyone can do it but taking a story idea and putting it into a form that you can pitch to investors, a production company, director, producer, actor or agent is the tricky part.

Here’s the secret. Hollywood hates to spend money. They want something that they can option, pitch and move forward on without many changes. Here’s the other secret. Anything you put to paper (or in digital form) will likely not end up on screen. There will be changes and changes and changes.

The job of a screenwriter is to write something that people can see the potential for. Something that the agent knows he/she can sell. Something that the investor wants to invest in. Something the director knows he can make into a compelling picture. You get the idea.

There is a format, a preferred length and you have to create something that gets your idea across, but more importantly, gets it sold.

We use Final Draft, the industry standard, to bring your idea to life. We have your screenplay critiqued by notable film directors to make sure everything is just so for a separate fee.

The number or hours to create a dynamic screenplay can vary based on the amount of work that goes into it. Your best bet is to have a completed story in a fixed form and as many specifics as you can put together to keep the costs down.

You will receive a completed, printed, bound screenplay and a digital copy.