Book Publishing Services


The publishing industry works something like this-You can’t get published without representation and you can’t get representation without being published. We have cut through all of that by making our publishing services available to you.

Do you have a book you’d like to publish? Whatever your creative bent, fiction, non fiction, children’s, young adult, photography or maybe even a cookbook, we can help you get your manuscript into the hands of the right people. Our local, regional, national and international contacts are available to you through our services.

We are not a vanity press making grand promises of worldwide distribution, glowing reviews and stellar press. Here’s a tip. Anyone can do that on their own with little skill and almost no money. What we provide are services that you you might need help with like editing, proofreading. You can buy the whole enchilada or select services from our a la’ cart menu.

Best of all, with anything published though our company, you retain your copyright and publishing rights. All you pay is our hourly fees for us to work our magic.

We see each client and each project as unique and individual, requiring only those services that are necessary to get to the finished project. You do as much or as little as you like in the process. It’s entirely up to you.

And just so you know that we’re serious, understand that we know that in the digital world, anyone can publish their own work without assistance from a publisher. It takes hard work, involves lots of rejection and a fair amount of time building relationships, but you can do it and we’d be happy to instruct you.


Book Publishing Services include:

Copyright-Registering your work with the US Copyright office.

Evaluation-Reading your manuscript and letting you know what you have done right and what needs work.

Proofreading & Editing-The key to good literature is great editing. Making sure the spelling, grammar and continuity are all perfect before releasing your work to the public.

Publishing and Marketing-Getting your work into the hands of the right people, whether it be a secondary publisher, a production company, artist or producer.