Who we are.

We are a group of freelance artists who believe that everyone should have the same opportunities as anyone else when it comes to creating music, books and film and being able to get your product to your audience

Where we come from.

We are writers, former advertising execs, film makers, composers, music producers and editors living in the southwestern US with a new perspective on how creativity should be expressed.

We work with the best recording studios music and film production houses in the southwest to give your work a polished, professional finish.

What we do.

We provide you with only the services you need. If you need editing, marketing, composing or arrangements, publishing or any other service, each service is available as a stand alone.

If you prefer, we can do it all, start to finish, from taking your idea on through to the creative aspects of what you need to publishing, distribution and marketing.

If you want to self-publish your work, we can show you how. If you need a fresh look at your work so that you can get it just right before releasing it to the world, we can do that as well.